What to monitor

Sectormentor Tools: Phenology Tool

Sectormentor Tools: Harvest Tracker

Sectormentor Tools: Vine Health Indicator

Protected: Sectormentor Tools: Yield Predictor

Sectormentor Tools: Ripeness Indicator

% Bare Soil


Slake Test

Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure (VESS)

% Broadleaf Cover, % Grasses Cover, % Undesirables Cover, % Bare Soil

Infiltration Rate

Earthworm Count

Record dead/missing vines

Kgs picked

Pruning weight per vine / Cane no. at pruning

Measuring titratable acid (TA)

Measuring grape sugar

Bunch weight

Counting bunches per vine

Counting flowers per vine

Frosts – date and severity

Date of bud burst / flowering / harvest

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