% Broadleaf Cover, % Grasses Cover, % Undesirables Cover, % Bare Soil

What is the composition of your pasture? Is it just grass? Or a diverse array of broadleaves (legumes etc)? What percentage of the plot is occupied by weeds (undesirables)? And what about bare soil?
Track the establishment of multi-species sowings, eg herbal, grass species mixes. Are you getting any of those expensive small seeds showing in the sward?


  • Quadrat

Doing test:

  1. Within the quadrat estimate the % cover of broadleaves, grasses, undesirables and bare soil each to the nearest 10%.
  2. Record the three percentages separately in the app.
  3. Take a photo from above with the whole quadrat visible.


  • % cover to the nearest 10% for each plant type: broadleaf, grasses, bare soil and undesirables (this is an estimate, so don’t worry about exact numbers).