You can subscribe to Sectormentor on an annual or monthly basis.

Included in the price:

  • Have your own account, see all your data online and download numbers you need
  • Access powerful tools to help you and your team make more informed management decisions
  • Download the app on as many phones as you like, have as many users as you like
  • New features are always being added

What do you need:

  • Access to internet at office
  • NFC contactless tags for sample sites (optional)
  • Smartphone
    (secondhand is fine, does not require SIM card)
    iOS: iPhone 7 or later (running iOS 8+)
    Android: Android Phones (with NFC built in) e.g Sony Xperia L1


We aim to price Sectormentor so that it’s fair for all size farms.


1 farm
Up to 10 acres
Up to 50 photos
Multiple users
Data accessible online
Graphs & analysis
Knowledge-base support
Members forum

Bronze +

Everything from Bronze and…

Up to 30 acres
Up to 300 photos
Email support


Everything from Bronze + and…

Up to 60 acres
Up to 500 photos


Everything from Silver and…

Up to 150 acres
Up to 2,000 photos
Priority email & phone support

Prices from £23 or $35 per month (please ask for our pricing pdf to see setup fee and contactless tag options). Contact us for details: