Know your vines, produce quality grapes for quality wine.

Sectormentor for vines is an app that helps you to know your vineyard, grow healthy vines and produce quality grapes for quality wine


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Why Use Sectormentor For Vines?

Really know your vines

Really learn what works and doesn’t work on your vineyard with a good set of historical evidence. All data collected is easy for anyone in your team to look at and understand, unlike info in soggy notebooks.

More informed decisions

Have up-to-date information about your crop this year
Use the data from this year and previous years, combined with your knowledge and experience, to make more informed decisions.

Easy to use

Made by farmers for farmers. This app is simple, all farmers pick it up in less than 5 minutes, no faff

Learn from other vineyards

Be connected to a community of vintners all monitoring their vines and sharing their learnings as they go.

6 Key Features

Sectormentor for Vines helps to build ecology, beauty and profitability in the vineyard. Here are some of the ways it helps you do that:

Vine Health Indicator

Understand long-term health of the vine and availability of nutrients in the soil.

Soil Health Tracker

Simple soil tests you can do on site to better understand the health of your soils, particularly focused on the biological activity in the soil.

Progress Tracker

Track treatments and know the phenological timeline for each block, to predict work and know exactly what’s happening at each location.

Ripeness Monitor

Track ripeness of different varietals/areas so you are ready to harvest at just the right time for top quality grapes

Your Partner in the Vineyard

1. Scan the contactless tag for each block to easily enter observations in the vineyard as you go.

2. Immediately see your observations converted into insights using our Vineyard Tools.

Build ecology, profitability and beauty in your vineyard

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